Everything You Need to Know As We Review The SkyVac Atom

Gutter Vacuum reviews seem to be few and far between, so if you are looking to add gutter cleaning to the services offered by your business or indeed as a stand alone business then our review of the Market leading Skyvac Atom could be just what you're looking for so read on...

If you don’t know what brand to get, or you are looking for the best price on this gutter vacuum then worry no more as this review will showcase the skyVac Atom, a gutter cleaning vacuum that you can surely rely on – no more climbing, no more hassle, just quick and easy, profitable cleaning.

Review of the skyvac atom

Here Is What You Get:

SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning System


4 Brush Tools (Assorted)

44 mm Diameter Tapered

Commercial Triple Motors

Carbon Fiber Poles (1.5 meters)

Flexi Pick-Up Hose (6 meters)

Pole and Accessory Bag

Tool Holder


Check Price Model Motor Air LPM Capacity Height

Water Lift Reach Camera Recording  
VIEW PRICE ON AMAZON SkyVac ATOM 20' Reach 1600w 3800 35ltr 790 8kg 110" 20' Yes No  
VIEW PRICE ON AMAZON SkyVac ATOM 30' Reach 3300w 8000 78ltr 1080 36kg 150" 30' Yes Yes  



Key Features to Consider

If you’re going to buy a gutter cleaning vacuum, there are some features that you should consider, and they must be all present in a vacuum for it to be efficient. If you want to make a good investment, make sure that you have all of these:

• Strong Suction Power
This is the most important factor to consider as you’d want to have a vacuum that can strongly draw in all of the water, dirt, leaves, and the like. Strong suction power can also make your work easier and faster, so be sure to see if it’s a commercial-grade vacuum that you’re buying.

• Long Poles and Hose
Next, you’d want to have a gutter vacuum that has long poles and hose. This makes cleaning convenient as you don’t have to climb a ladder just to reach the gutter. This is especially needed when you have a two-story house.

• Huge Liter Capacity
You also have to check if the liter capacity is big enough. You wouldn’t want to keep on stopping mid-cleaning just because you have to remove all of the content inside the vacuum. A vacuum that can accommodate large quantities of dirt or water is ideal. If it comes with a decent filter inside, it’s a plus point too.

• Lightweight Body
Lastly, a lightweight body is crucial when you don’t want to keep on dragging the whole vacuum sweating and having a hard time. While it’s pretty understandable why a vacuum can be heavy, this doesn’t mean that there are no vacuums out there that are light. If you get a light one, it makes cleaning easier and faster too.

If you have all of these key features, you’ll surely have a smooth time when cleaning your gutters. What’s great is that you don’t have to spend so much just to buy a vacuum with all of the mentioned features.

Luckily, you don’t have to scour the entire internet just to find the perfect vacuum for you. With the skyVac Atom, you’ll have everything that you need. Read on below to know its features and specs:



Features of the skyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Vacuum

If you want to know more about the skyVac atom vacuum, below is its crucial components.

4 Brush Tools (Assorted)
The first one to showcase is its brush tools. SkyVac comes with 4 of these that are not only assorted but also lightweight too. What’s more is that they’re made from advanced carbon fiber which makes it not only light and easy to manage but very durable as well. With these brush tools, you won’t have to worry that it’ll break during the first cleaning.

44 mm Diameter Tapered
It also comes with a tapered hose that’s 44 mm in diameter, making it really convenient. As mentioned above, you want a hose that’s long enough so that you’re properly assisted when you attach it to the poles. It’s easier this way as you won’t be restricted while you’re cleaning.

Commercial Triple Motors
When it comes to its suction, this one has a commercial-grade 1600-watt vacuum that can effectively clean your gutters even 20 ft. from below. From water or sludge to soil or leaves, nothing can withstand from this vacuum’s strong suction. Then, once gathered, all dirt will enter its 35-liter capacity, a container that’s really spacious.

Carbon Fiber Poles (1.5 meters)
Next, the poles of this vacuum are made from carbon fiber, so they’re also durable and lighter. When attached, they can be easily carried, allowing you to use them with ease and convenience.

Pole and Accessory Bag
When you’re done cleaning, you’re given a bag as well. Here, you can already fit the poles, the vacuum container, and accessories without cramping them, which is handy.

Tool Holder
Lastly, if you want to take a break from cleaning, you also have a tool holder. This won’t only provide you convenience, but this also protects your vacuum from getting scratches as you’re properly storing it.

Customer Impression
What customers love above the skyVac Atom is that it has all of the key features mentioned above. They all love how, in just one instance, it can already suck in a lot of dirt. The long poles and the hose are also well-received as they mentioned how they can easily reach their gutters without climbing. They also love the fact that its liter capacity is big enough that they don’t have to keep on removing the dirt inside. Lastly, as it’s lightweight, this makes it easier for customers to use the vacuum in general.

SykVac Atom has definitely set the bar high when it comes to gutter cleaning vacuums. What’s amazing about this product is that it comes from a reputable brand, so you’re sure that you’re getting a quality product. What’s more is that it’s not as expensive compared to the other brands, making it affordable even to those who are tight on budget. As per the features, it has everything – strong suction power, long and light poles and hose, big liter capacity, and even accessories.

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