Is gutter cleaning a good business

is gutter cleaning a good business man cleaningHell Yeah, is the simple answer. Why? Because gutter cleaning is hugely profitable either as a stand alone business or as an bolt on to a window cleaning or even drive cleaning business. So here, in this article we will take a look at how you can get started.

First up,

what equipment do you need. The simple answer is a machine that vacuums the debris out of the gutter via a long pole so that you don’t need to climb ladders. You can also get CCTV systems so that you can see what’s up in the gutter bus these aren’t completely necessary. Sky vac are the most popular. Click here to read our skyvac atom review.

Do I need gutter cleaning business insurance?

Well yes and no. If gutter cleaning is a bolt on to your existing business then your current public liability business insurance may cover you (check first). If this is a new business then yes, you will need a new policy. You can read more about cleaning insurance here.

Do I need a business plan if I am starting an new Gutter Cleaning business?

A gutter cleaning business plan would only be necessary for two reasons.

1. Because you need to borrow money to get started and the lender requires a business plan.

2. For your own personal use to keep you on track. I would always recommend that you put pen to paper, or finger to iPad to commit to your goals and make it clear to yourself what needs to be done. This can be quite an informal business plan but should help get you off to a good start. You should also make sure that you are aware for the business costs so you know how many sales you need to break even.

How to get gutter cleaning jobs.

There are a few ways but here are some that I recommend to get started straight away.

Be a white label contractor - many window cleaners don’t provide gutter cleaning services. So a great idea is to contact window cleaning companies in your area and offer your services as a contractor. They ask their existing clients if they want their gutters cleaned. Those who do are passed on to you as their gutter cleaning guy. You give the price to the window cleaning company and they add a little bit of profit on for themselves. When you complete the job, the customer pays the window cleaning business and then they pay you. You can even offer to get some cards printed with your name but their business name and telephone number to pass out to anyone who enquirers whilst you are doing the job ie Neighbouring houses.

You may also use traditional methods of advertising, leaflet dropping, door knocking and internet. Its worth pointing out to anyone that is interested in having their gutters cleaned out that failure to maintain guttering could be a reason for insurance companies to not pay out in the even of water ingress.

Gutter Cleaning Business Income

How much you can charge for anything is down to supply and demand. Gutter cleaning is no different. You shouldn’t need to try to be the lowest price in a market where you can’t get a gutter cleaner for love nor money. As we attract a worldwide audience I would be reluctant to give actual figures. What I would say is to research your local area prices and by talking to your customers you should get a feel of how easy it was to get other gutter cleaning companies to come out to provide a quote.

So is gutter cleaning a good business? All in all Gutter cleaning is a great business opportunity either as a bolt on to your existing cleaning business or as a stand alone business. You can get started part time in addition to your regular income and you will soon be building a great business.

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