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Should You Be Cleaning Windows With Vinegar And Newspaper

Some say that the old ways are the best and let’s face it there must be something in the traditional method of using vinegar and newspaper to clean windows. The question is, is this method still a great way to clean windows using non professional equipment,

or has it been superseded through the passage of time?

Why does vinegar and newspaper work well for window cleaning?

Because vinegar is acidic it cuts through film build up on glass and leaves the window streak free. Newspaper is a good method of drying as paper leaves water with nowhere to hide. For these reasons using this combination has in the past been a winner. Even today some shop brought window cleaning solutions state that they contain vinegar, although it isn’t clear if this is just good marketing to the brands target audience.

Is this still the best today?

There are other methods of cleaning windows that if practiced would provide even the non professional with great results. You can read my article Best Way To Clean Outside Windows Without Streaks or Smears Here.

A better way to clean windows using items that you should have around the home is to use washing up liquid and kitchen towel or kitchen roll as some may call it. Kitchen towel is a great alternative to newspaper and would certainly have formed part of the old wives tail from the past had it have been invented!

So here is the best method to use to clean windows using washing up liquid and kitchen towel but first remember this. It’s all about the timing.


First wet a cloth. This can be any type of cloth or rag however is you have one I recommend the yellow sponge type with the green scouring pad on the reverse. I like these because you can clean the window gently but turn it over for and stubborn Marks.

One the window is wet leave it for a few seconds until you see is look like it is just starting to dry.

Now wipe the window over with the kitchen towel using the middle of the sheet now the edges as these can leave a bit of paper fluff behind. Don’t be too fussy. If you miss any bits that’s fine, in fact it may even help a little bit.

Finally get some new dry sheets for kitchen towel and go over the window again. This will completely dry the window and save and streaks appearing.

Q & A

If I do use vinegar, do I dilute it in water or use it near?

Many recommend using a ratio of 8 water to 1 vinegar.

What type of vinegar should I use?
Distilled white vinegar.


Can I use this to clean egg off windows?

The best answer to this question is contained in our article dedicated to the subject, How to clean egg of windows

I would like to try washing up liquid but I am concerned for the environment. What should I do?

You can get washing up liquid that is less harmful to the environment like Ecover. (Click Here To View Ecover on Amazon)

How much kitchen towel should I use?

About three sheets to form a pad. once the top sheet becomes damp then change them. Don’t be tempted to turn them over.

Can you use this method anywhere else?

The washing up liquid and kitchen towel method is also great for car glass. Just try now to get any washing up liquid on the paintwork as it will remove the wax polish on the car.

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