How To Clean Egg Off Windows

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For some reason the throwing of eggs at buildings seems to be a common activity. However it is no yolking matter (see what I did there?). I am sure that sometimes it is done for the enjoyment of the thrower, other times to express anger or annoyance to the owner of the target building. Either way the dried egg yolk stain left behind can be a nightmare to clean off windows. Many people have asked me in the past if I can recommend anything for egg stain removal so here is my guide on

How to remove dried egg off windows.

If you are cleaning your own windows then the best way to clean egg off windows is to clean it immediately after the egg has been thrown. I know that this isn’t always possible particularly if you are away from the home or if the egg stain that needs removing is out of reach. On upstairs windows instead of waiting for your window cleaner to arrive, even if he or she is due next day. I would recommend getting out the hose pipe and spraying the egg yolk before it dries on and stains. This will make a bit of a mess of the windows as you will be using tap water. However, fear not, these marks will easily be cleaned off by the window cleaners water fed pole.

If the egg stain on your house has dried on then you are best to use a scraper. (view product on Amazon).  After you have scraped the egg off the window then you can clean the window in the normal way with washing up liquid. If the egg stain to be removed is out of reach then you may be able to use a more professional scraper (view product on Amazon) with an extension pole. (view product on Amazon). These are a little bit more expensive but will still achieve great results.