Here are the best window cleaning ladders used by professionals


Ladders required by window cleaners requirements have changes from traditional window cleaning pointed ladders sometimes known as A Ladders (due to them resembling the letter A!) Window Cleaners Now often use an extendable water fed pole and operate from the ground. However , water fed pole window cleaners are still using ladders for window cleaning, just in a different way. Water fed pole window cleaners often use ladders to get to windows above extensions if the extension protrudes too far out for the cleaner to see the window. Sometimes water fed pole window cleaners use ladders, up to the height of an extension to be able to reach a loft conversion window or dormer window instead of carrying an extra long pole, especially with the expense of carbon fiber poles. You may also find water fed pole window cleaners using a small set of steps when cleaning inside a building.

Window Cleaners Ladders And The Law

From January 2018

the standards changes on window cleaning ladders. The new standard is not quite a law, however standards provide a guide for on which to base health and safety law. The standards provided suppliers a transition period until 1 January 2019 to ensure that new ladders conform to the new regulation EN131-2018 Standard.

You can continue to use your old ladder for now as long as it is up to the job. You don’t have to rush out and get a new one. However if you are working on building sites or premises where the health and safety people are switched on then they may insist that you only use a ladder that is up to the latest standard. At the end of the day, it’s their site and their choice.

Extension Ladders

These are the ones that window cleaners traditionally carried over their shoulder whilst riding a bicycle! they used to be made of timber. New extension ladders are made of aluminium and are a lot better made. If you are using extension ladders for window cleaning all day in the traditional way then you will need to pay a bit more for your ladder to get a professional one, otherwise they won’t stand up to the constant banging onto the ground during set up. Many window cleaners don’t know what size ladder they need for 2 story house. We have selected a ladder that conforms to the new en131 2018 standard that is suitable for traditional window cleaning.

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Telescopic Ladder

Using telescopic ladders is a great option for water fed pole window cleaners who have very little space in their van, but need to occasionally get up onto a extension roof.
Telescopic ladders at the moment do not have to comply to the new EN131 2018 standard, there will be a change to this but as yet we do not know when. The link below however shows a telescopic ladder with extending stabilisers so this is a good option.

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Multi Purpose

Personally I love the multi purpose ladder. This ladder may look big but it is small enough to fold away into the back of the van. The main advantage of this type of ladder is that it is sturdy when folded out to get onto a garage/extension roof. But it has the added advantage of being able to be set up as a large pair of sturdy steps. Ideal for conservatory roof cleaning as you don’t have to rest the ladder against the white upvc of the conservatory. An advantage as this can damage or mark the upvc. When set up as steps it gives a lovely cleaning position and a place to rest a hose pipe whilst pre washing.

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The Best Steps Available

Two tread steps aren’t really designed for trade use. This means that is can be tricky to find some two tread steps that conform to the latest regulations. The thing to remember when working as a tradesman (which you are if you are a window cleaner) his that the minimum standard should be EN313. The steps that new have selected conform to EN313 and are worth the extra couple of quid.

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Window Cleaning Pointed Ladders

These are the ones that we all know, love and remember from our childhood. The good old Pointed Ladders correct name ‘A’ Ladders. We struggled to find a pair of ladders that listed the latest EWN313 regulation. So we thought, well this is an article aimed at the BEST window cleaning ladders so we thought we would search by reviews. The ladder we have listed has the most reviews on Amazon…. One Review! The review is however five star so we went with it. I am afraid there is only two choices here, like it or lump it.

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We Hope that you have found this article useful. We have gone for the best ladders that we can, and you should as well. Sure you can find less expensive ladders available, but we believe that if you skimp on a ladder and fall, then the best you can hope for is to look a bit silly in front of every one. The worst is that you may never walk again. Please get the best ladder that you can. It may also save you buying twice if you arrive at premises and the Heath and safety representative wont let you use the ladder. Finally, having equipment that conforms to the latest regulations is a great selling point for your business. This is something that you can proudly shout about to your window cleaning clients.