Insurance for window cleaning business

For window cleaners to charge the big bucks, then proving that you are a safe bet for someone to have around their home is essential. But how do you go about arranging insurance for your window cleaning business. Here is our guide to window cleaning insurance.

There are a few reasons why you should get window cleaning public liability insurance for your business.

1. Should you cause high value damage whilst cleaning windows and you are not insured then the person or business who owns the property that you damage may be able to claim against you personally. if this runs into thousands then you could be declared bankrupt and even loose your home!

2. Many businesses insist on certain levels of insurance commonly two to five million pounds before you can apply for a window cleaning contract with them.

3. You have a social responsibility. Should someone be seriously injured or even killed, then you would (or should) want to ensure that there is cover in place to look after them. If you don’t care then you really shouldn’t be in business!

4. Its a good selling point for your business as being adequately insured is generally considered as a sign if a professional business.

Difference between Window cleaning public liability insurance and employee liability insurance.

Most people understand that public liability insurance is protect third parties (customers, general public and businesses) against damage to their property. not all policies cover the item that you are actually cleaning. For example if you scratched the glass in the window that you are cleaning then some companies may not cover this. Therefore it is important the check this with your insurance company or broker.

Employee liability insurance for window cleaning businesses should always be in place if you have one or more employees. This includes you if you are the only employee if you are trading as a limited company.

Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance

Even if you are a sole trader, you should provide public liability insurance for all of the reasons listed above. You should however pay particular attention to the fact that you may be personally liable for damage, injury or death where a limited company may absorb this risk to a certain extent.

Where to buy window cleaning insurance?

There are a few options of where to buy window cleaning insurance.

1. Online comparison websites and be a great start especially if you are on a budget.
2. Specialist Cleaning insurance businesses for the best advice snd cover.
3. General small business insurance companies can offer window cleaning insurance but may be less favourable with most window cleaners.

How much does employee liability insurance cost?

It is hard to answer this question as every business and the required cover is unique. But here is an example correct of January 2019.

A policy that covers up to five employees of a limited company for the purpose of employee liability insurance and to cover third parties up to two million pounds for the purpose of public liability would be between £35.00 per month. This would cover not just window cleaning but carpet cleaning, driveway cleaning etc.


Window cleaning van Insurance.

It is important always important to make sure that your van or vehicle is correctly insured for windows cleaning. It is very easy to get away with just using a policy that only covers for social, domestic and pleasure, or to just add on a business class one for to and from work. We can all claim that window cleaning is a pleasure (particularly in the summer) or that when you are traveling to and from a job, that business class one will cover you. But you are fooling yourself. If you don’t have the correct vehicles insurance cover for window cleaning, then you may as well not bother at all and drive around uninsured! (Not recommended). Instead you should find an insurance company that will offer adequate vehicle insurance for window cleaning.

Some questions that you may be asked.
1. Is your email and correctly fixed into the vehicle?
2. Do you carry hazardous materials?
3. Is your van sign written?

It is important to answer all of these questions as accurately as possible as the insurance company may not pay out in the event of a claim.

Should you take Tool cover?

We are not qualified to offer insurance advice and if we did we may be shot at dawn by the Financial services authority or someone. All we can say is that it is a good idea to look at the value of your equipment and at the potential cost of a claim ie not just the insurance excess but the cumulative rise in premiums if you make a claim. If the cost of claim outweighs the cost of replacement equipment then you would be silly to take the cover. Also worth mentioning is that should your vehicle be broken into, what equipment would they actually take? My guess is maybe a fold away ladder or steps, maybe any DIY equipment like a Karcher window vac, or maybe even your battery. However most of your more expensive equipment like your tank, pump and controller may be safe as the thief may not see any value in these thinks.


Sickness Insurance Cover for Self Employed

The value of sickness insurance cover if you are self employed depends very much on your point of view. Like most insurance it is raves about by most who have made a successful claim and less so by those who have never needed to use the policy. Our suggestion is that similar to any other non compulsory insurance, you need to balance the associated fees with the required cover. Sickness insurance cover pays out only after a period of waiting days. Typically the less waiting days, the higher the fee. The price of sickness insurance cover will also depend on the risk to the insurance company. So if you are a forty plus smoker they expect to pay more than a twenty something athlete. The final point to check when enquiring about cover is that of proof of income. Window cleaners have not always associated with impeccable book keeping skills. So if you are old school then check if or how you may need to prove your income for cover.