What Is The Weight Of Water Per Litre?


The simple answer is that 1 litre of water weighs 1kg.

If the reason that you need to know the weight of water per litre is for the purpose of window cleaning with a pure water window cleaning system where you carry the water in your vehicle, then read on.

This article will also tell you about the size of the most popular baffled tanks needed and the weight of water that you can fit into each tank. We will also look at the weight and amount of water that each vehicle can carry.

So as we have already said one litre of water is equal to 1 kilogram. So it is very simple maths to work out that 300 litres of water weighs 300 kilograms and that 1000 litres weighs a metric ton.

The reason for this is that when the metric system was designed, water was used for the purpose of calibration because it is so easily accessible.

Clearly the density of water would come into effect is you needed to know the correct weight in milligrams, but for the purpose of carrying water in a vehicle for the purpose of window cleaning, we don’t need to be that accurate. If you are that close to your weight limit then you are probably over loaded.

Other considerations are, the weight of the tank and the weight of other equipment that you are carrying.

The most popular tanks sizes for window cleaners are between 175 liters and 1000 litres.
The most popular tank used is 600 litres. This is because it will carry enough water for one window cleaner for a whole day. It will physically fit into most small vans in both physical size and when full it won’t be too heavy for most vans.

Below are some popular vans used by window cleaners and the weight that they can carry, again please remember that this is the total weight of all equipment, tank and the weight of the water all added together.

Vauxhall combo 595 KG
Volkswagon cady 650 KG
Volkswagen transporter 802 KG
Nissan navara double cab 1059 KG
Mercedes sprinter 1455 KG

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