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Window Cleaning Business Names

Choosing a name for your window cleaning business can be easy. In some cases the name will just come to you and you can become instantly attached to it. If this has happened to you then you may still want to read on to check if the name in your mind still ticks all of the boxes based on the ideas that I have for choosing a window cleaning business name.

If you you don’t have a clue what

to name your window cleaning business the read on and I will help you to move a bit closer particularly in the second part of this article window cleaning business name ideas.

A good start is to research other businesses. I don’t just mean other window cleaning businesses but other businesses in general. See how other successful businesses have named their business. This isn’t to copy, but good to have an idea of style at the back of your mind before you start. Next have a look at other window cleaning businesses in your local area. A simple internet search will reveal who you are likely to be up against in the search engine result page.

What is the market
You should now be thinking of your market. (If you need marketing ideas then you can find more information in our article How to Start A Window Cleaning Business and Get Residential Customers.) The name that you choose should be palatable to the chosen market and reflect you position in the market. So what the heck does that mean? Well here is an example:

Is your business likely to be Cheap and cheerful or targeting high end. Look at airlines for example. You can see that the British company easyjet by the name and bright colour used in the logo are designed to target the no frills market. Likewise Harrods and Mark’s & Spencer’s look and feel like they have more class.

Trust is another consideration. A name that suggests a long standing family business like smiths window cleaning or Jones and Davies window cleaning services may feel more trust worthy than shiny glass windows.

This isn’t to say that one is better thank the other but the name should reflect and be consistent with the market that you choose.

Commercial or domestic
It may be that a commercial window cleaning company needs a different name to a domestic window cleaning business name. For example a company called ‘Time For You Window Cleaning’ May indicated that you can relax on the sofa whilst someone else does the work. This would have a very domestic feel. Where as a business called say ‘First Impression Window Cleaning’ May feel like it provides something that a commercial client would be looking for.

Does the name need to be rememberable? Well if it is it certainly won’t do you any harm. The use of Alliteration (two words that start with the same letter) like ‘Sammy The Shammy’ or words that rhyme like ‘Gleaming Cleaning Services’ May work well for you but this should be balanced and considered along with the other points made in this article.

Can it be Spelt and Spoken
When someone has remembered your window cleaning business name and wants to search for you on the internet of in the phone book (very 1980’s) will they be able to find you if you have decided to spell the name using odd spelling or slang like ‘Smashin Clean Windows’ (all of these terrible names are made up by the way). Likewise when people want to recommend you to friends and family using a name such as ‘Makkü Windows’ could be an issue. This is also true of foreign language names.

Your Business Name Should Reflect You
Your business name should in some way reflect your own personality. If you used a high energy name like ‘Fast Express Clean Window Cleaning’ and you happen to be a very laid back slowly does is kind of a person then when new clients meet you that may not trust you because what they were expecting isn’t consistent with the person that they meet, even if they don’t consciously realise why.

Your Name Should Reflect Your Business
It is no use calling your business ‘same day window cleaning’ if that isn’t something that you offer. Likewise if you call your business ‘reliable window cleaning’ as soon you let someone down I would bet that they take to social media to highlight the irony.

Does the Name Describe what you do.
It is not necessary that the the name should reflect what you do, having said this the name should also not confuse. For example the name ‘spa clean’ for a window cleaning business in the town of Leamington Spa may seem like a good idea until you end up with call after call from people wanting their hot tubs cleaned out.

Is it restricting in the future
If you plan to expand in the future, then using a name that reflects a small area such as ‘Uxbridge Window Cleaning’ may be limiting should the business owner decide to serve the whole of London in the future. Likewise a name can restrict by product or service such as and name with window cleaning in the title, could become confusing if you wish to offer carpet cleaning or ironing in the future.

Is the name available
If you are not a limited company then you are free to trade as what ever name you wish. A simple internet search for a chip shop called “Our Plaice’ would prove this, but having the same name as another business in the same industry can present lots of problems. If you are a limited company in the UK then you must have a unique name, although I have seen this overcome by people adding the year that the business was established in the title. Again, try and come up with something different.

Is the website available
One thing that you may want to check before you choose your name is if the domain name better known to some as the web site address is available. Again you can get around this if you choose a .biz or even .cleaning, although the latter can be quite expensive. Again if there is another company with the same name then I would encourage you to find something unique.

A second point on purchasing a domain name is to not be misled into thinking that if you have the words window cleaning and the name of the town that you serve in the domain, that this will put the website to the top of the search results page. It may help a tiny bit but this would be one of only 250 plus ranking signals used by Goole and such like.

Turn all this on it’s head
Despite everything that I have said here, there is also an argument that breaking all of these rules could give you a really good rememberable window cleaning business name that will serve you well into the future. So consider what I have said but done let it restrict you if you find that golden name that just works.

Window Cleaning Business Name Ideas.

This part of the article is more of an aide-memoire or check list than an actual window cleaning business name generator tool. Its a list of a few things to remember when trying to find your perfect name.

Do you want to incorporate your personal name in the business name?

Do you want to incorporate the service area?

Have you drawn a spider diagram like the one below, to generate ideas and words that reflect your target market?

window cleaning business name ideas spider diagram

Think of words that reflect your market like diamond, gold

Think of words that reflect your service like reliable, punctual or even fast and Cheap

Is the website available?

Is is easy the remember, spell and say?

Will is restrict you in the future?

Remember One Thing.

Set yourself a time limit on how long you are going to give yourself to ponder the name. Otherwise you may find yourself a month down the line using the fact that you couldn’t find a name, as an excuse as to why you still haven’t started the business yet. Just choose a name and get started.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you like to help others then please share the article using the social media buttons. Now you know how to chose a name you must read our full guide on how to grow or start a window cleaning business.  If you found it useful then others will as well.