What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows and How you can get the same results.

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We all love to watch window cleaners as they effortlessly glide up and down the window with their rubber blade scraping away the bubbles. I have even had it said to me that it looks king of therapeutic. Many have asked me if they can have a go! Most just want to achieve the same results so that they can clean their windows at home to the same standard, even if it is just for the inside once the window cleaner has left.

So here is a guide to what equipment and cleaning products professional window cleaners utilize when cleaning your windows and suggestions of what you could use to achieve the same results. You may also like to Read My Guide - best way to clean outside windows without streaks. Once you have the equipment that you need, you can read Best Way to clean Outside Windows Without leaving Streaks Or Smears (by clicking on the link) You can also return to window cleaning tips and tricks here

So, we all know that there are two main types of window cleaning method. The water fed pole and the traditional method. You would find it impracticable to use the water fed pole method in the same way that the professionals do for a couple of reasons.

1. It would be too expensive to set up for home use
2. It would take up too much room
3. It would take too long be effective

To Expensive
The setup cost for a professional would be very high. To put bit into simple terms, we calculate that for a monthly window clean, it would take just over ten years to get your investment back verses getting a pro to do the job.

Takes up too much room
The physical space required for filtering water would mean that most garages would not fit a car once the filter unit and water butt is in place. If you did it outside than froze could be a problem.

Takes too long to clean effectively
Whilst it may look simple to clean windows with the water fed pole system, it actually takes quite a bit of practice to clean without spotting the glass.

So let us look at the more traditional method.


Below is the equipment that you need

All you need is a rectangular bucket. It must be this shape because your applicator won’t fit in a round bucket.

Next you will need, as mentioned above, an applicator and sleeve. These are less expensive if purchased together. This is what is used to put the soapy water onto the glass. You are advised to get the best quality that you can as these are quite inexpensive items.

You will need a couple of blades, I recommend a 6" squeegee and a 12” squeegee. If you are only using your equipment to clean your home then you won’t need a larger blade. If you have your own shop and want to clean your shop window then a 18” squeegee could be useful.

You may need a small ladder or steps. You can read about the best window cleaning ladders

You may also need a microfiber cloth but kitchen towel can also be just as good if you are just cleaning at home.


Using a generous squirt of a good quality washing up liquid (like this one) fill your bucket with soapy water. You don’t need to add vinegar for window cleaning.

Squirt a bit of the same washing up liquid onto your applicator and rub it in (important) with your finders.

Dunk your applicator into the bucket and swash it around. Next squeeze your applicator with your hand to gently wiring it out so that it doesn’t drip everywhere.

Now for the fun part. Soap top the glass making swirly patterns. Use the scouring pad on the end of the applicator to scrub at any stubborn stains.

How the blade vertically at the top left hand side of the glass (if you are left handed then do the reverse). Slide with a very limp wrist from left to right with the top of the blade about a centimeter ahead of the bottom of the blade, remember this is with the blade vertical. You should see the water drop off the bottom on the blade to the top.

Turn the corner before you get the the frame with the top of the blade doing the turning (clockwise) and just missing the frame. Travel back along the glass this time to the right with the top just ahead of the bottom so that the water again falls off the bottom on the blade.

Keep going to the bottom of the glass.

Now use the microfiber kitchen towel, to wipe ONCE around the edge of the glass. If you have a small opening window in the shape of a large letter box then use the 3’ blade.

If this all sounds like too much effort then you could for outside windows use a brush like this one. You can then hose them down and dry the glass as described above.

Have fun.



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Best Window Washing Solution For Home Use

Their are lots of different solutions on the market for window washing your oun windows and various others solutions for proffesional window washing. We like washing up liquid particula ecover. This is a powerful washing up liquid but is also friendly to the environment at the same time. If you are looking for a dedicated window washing solution then karcher offer their Glass cleaning concentrate. This solution is streak free, resealable and is also compatable with the Karcher Window Vac.  Finally we love the Unger stringray glass cleaner. this glass cleaning solution has some great reviews and is from one on the market leaders in professional window cleaning.