What Is The Weight Of Water Per Litre?


The simple answer is that 1 litre of water weighs 1kg.  

If the reason that you need to know the weight of water per litre is for the purpose of window cleaning then read on.

The Best Way To Clean Inside & Outside Windows Without leaving Streaks or Smears Behind

Everyone has at some point tried to clean the outside windows of their home.  Most people that have had a go, have tried several ways to clean the outside windows without leaving streaks behind afterwards. Most have tried vinegar some have used vinegar and newspaper and lots have purchased professional window cleaning solutions online.  I am sure that many

We have put together who we believe are the top five most influential people in window cleaning in 2019.  Sadly they all seem to be men.  This is no reflection of the ladies out there in window cleaning land, but read on and you will see why we have selected this group of five gentlemen.   * UPDATE * PLEASE READ THE EMAIL AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE *


The list in no particular order is...

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows and How you can get the same results.

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We all love to watch window cleaners as they effortlessly glide up and down the window with their rubber blade scraping away the bubbles.  I have even had it said to me that it looks king of therapeutic.  Many have asked me if they can have a go!  Most just want to achieve the same results so that they can clean their windows at home to the same standard, even if it is just for the inside once the window cleaner has left.

Here are the best window cleaning ladders used by professionals


Ladders required by window cleaners requirements have changes from traditional window cleaning pointed ladders sometimes known as A Ladders (due to them resembling the letter A!)  Window Cleaners Now often use an extendable water fed pole and operate from the ground.  However , water fed pole window cleaners are still using ladders for window cleaning, just in a different way.  Water fed pole window cleaners often use ladders to get to windows above extensions if the extension protrudes too far out for the cleaner to see the window.  Sometimes water fed pole window cleaners use ladders, up to the height of an extension to be able to reach a loft conversion window or dormer window instead of carrying an extra long pole, especially with the expense of carbon fiber poles.  You may also find water fed pole window cleaners using a small set of steps when cleaning inside a building.

How To Clean Egg Off Windows



For some reason the throwing of eggs at buildings seems to be a common activity. However it is no yolking matter (see what I did there?).  I am sure that sometimes it is done for the enjoyment of the thrower, other times to express anger or annoyance

to the owner of the target building.  Either way the dried egg yolk stain left behind can be a nightmare to clean off windows.  Many people have asked me in the past if I can recommend anything for egg stain removal so here is my guide on