Best Van for Window Cleaning



In this article we will not try to argue the case for any particular van to be considered to be the best van for window cleaning, rather to look at the credentials of each type of vehicle.  This will arm you with the information needed to make an informed decision yourself, because what may suit you may not suite me as you may have very different circumstances and therefore requirements when choosing a van for your window cleaning business.


This is a big one to consider. Choosing something smaller like a Vauxhall combo, Citroen berlingo or peugeot partner as your window cleaning van,


Insurance for window cleaning business

For window cleaners to charge the big bucks, then proving that you are a safe bet for someone to have around their home is essential.  But how do you go about arranging insurance for your window cleaning business.  Here is our guide to window cleaning insurance.

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We have been using the HM TDS meter for the over ten years for our window cleaning business.  It is a fantastic little hand held TDS meter.  Here is why we think that it is so good.


We make pure water using the a method of filtering the water and storing the water in a container until needed.

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Welcome to the Window Cleaning Super Hero website.  The website is full of tutorials, discussion points, PDF Downloads, and videos, designed to help anyone that wants to start a window cleaning business.  IT is also a great resource for anyone that currently has a window cleaning business but want to streamline their business in order to be able to spend more time cleaning the right windows and making more profit. 

The website was started by Mark Barlow and features articles written by mark or written by our writers with his personal approval.  Mark has been running a window cleaning business in the UK for over ten years completing both water fed pole and traditional window cleaning methods.

How to make pure water for window cleaning (Update 12th August 2019)

1) Use reverse osmosis method to filter tap water

2) Send filtered water through a DI resin vessel

3) Test the deionized water with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. TDS should be less than 10

4) Pump the completed water to the window to be cleaned.