We have put together who we believe are the top five most influential people in window cleaning in 2019.  Sadly they all seem to be men.  This is no reflection of the ladies out there in window cleaning land, but read on and you will see why we have selected this group of five gentlemen.   * UPDATE * PLEASE READ THE EMAIL AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE *


The list in no particular order is...


1. Lee Burbridge window cleaning magazine

If you want to be influential then there are few better places to start than to run one of the industries top trade magazines. Lee has the perfect opportunity to set the agenda for talking points across all media types.

2. Brian Dolby - Chairman of the Federation of Window Cleaners

This man is a true veteran. He is the Chairman of the Federation of window cleaners and has been window cleaning for 36 years.

Bryan has a vast knowledge of the window cleaning industry – a registered member of the FWC since 1985 – appointed onto the FWC Management Committee in 1989 – elected chairman from 1996 – 2011 and although he resigned from the Committee in 2011, his advice and continued involvement is still appreciated by ghe FWC . 
Bryan also delivers the FWC IOSH “Cleaning Windows Safely” and “Risk Assessment accredited training for the federation.

When it comes to window cleaning and running window cleaning businesses, if this man doesn’t know the answer then the question is probably not worth asking.


3. Tim Morris Spotless Water

It is rear to find new concept is industries as old as window cleaning. However Tim Morris founder of spotless Water has certainly got the nation talking about how to fill your van up from his filling stations. And it seems the toll out keeps rolling. Well done Tim.


4. Gavin Pedley Admin at Window cleaning Forums

Whilst this guy controls to massive arena that is window cleaning forums it has been hard to find out much else about this elusive character. Going simply under the name ‘Gav Admin’ if we are honest, then we are not even sure that this picture is of him. If we have made a mistake then please let us know. However if the pictured guy isn’t Gav then he looks fairly cool anyway and the real Gav might prefer the picture!



5. Luke the Window Cleaner

This guy is the coolest in window cleaning.  Based in the USA he has his own youtube channel with over 9000 subscribers.  On Facebook Luke has almost 2000 followers and he also presents hits own podcast.  He is so popular that he even sells his own merchandise on his website.  This guy shows could teach personal branding for a living instead of window cleaning.  He could tech Google Luke the window cleaner now.  You’ll be glad you did.




We Received the following email from Andrew Lee, Current Chair of the Federation Of Window Cleaners.  We couldn't agree more with the content and we publish the email below with Andrews Permission. 



"I felt compelled to email you after being copied in on emails to and from you and Beryl Murray concerning a justly deserved Article on Bryan Dolby.
I have visited your site and read about the Top 5 Influential people in Window cleaning in 2019 and the lack of Female/Lady Window cleaning “Superheroes”.
I am really not bothered if my name is mentioned here or not. But knowing what I know ,(from my own Window cleaning business and  39 years’ experience in the UK Window cleaning Industry), I can’t help but think that one of the most influential people, both Currently and for the past 40 years, Is Not only a Lady but is a very gifted, committed and dedicated individual.
Who has worked tirelessly, not only, for FWC members but for the Industry as a whole.
That Lady is Beryl Murray  FWC General Secretary.
Beryl has worked for the FWC for 40 years this year. Has always had time and indeed gone the extra mile for All members but has “Championed the cause” for Sole traders and small window cleaning business’s alike for years.
In her role as General Secretary She has been involved in Trade shows, been in discussions with government bodies, Worked with Training and accreditation schemes, been involved with the HSE, published our own trade magazine and worked behind the scenes on countless other projects to do with Window cleaners and our Industry. She has also Managed the FWC and Kept the, to date, Male only committee in line for all that time.
For me She is The number 1 , real  and only Superhero of the UK window cleaning industry and feel She deserves recognition on your page.
Kind Regards
Andrew Lee 
Tech. SP Iosh. Nebosh Dip1
Chairman and Safety Officer Federation of Window Cleaners."